STD Testing and Treatment

When a client has symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease (STD), it is important to get it evaluated and treated quickly. We offer same day STD appointments. Symptoms often include burning with urination, a urethral discharge, diarrhea or a sore, rash or warts of the skin. Testing is important to identify the actual cause of the symptoms and to be certain that the appropriate medication is given. Testing also gives a clear diagnosis to the patient so they can notify their recent sexual partners to undergo screening and treatment for that infection.

For most STD symptoms, Dr. Lyter can offer treatment at the time of the visit. It is not necessary to wait for test results to come back. Most common STD’s are easily curable and respond quickly to antibiotics. Treatment may involve an injection in the office or a prescription for an inexpensive medication from your pharmacy. Local treatment for warts may be given. If a new diagnosis of HIV is found, Dr. Lyter can provide further evaluation and long-term treatment for your infection. If chronic hepatitis B or C are identified, we can refer to local ID specialists.

Finally, treatment is also urged for those who have had a definite exposure to someone diagnosed with an STI. It is our protocol to treat everyone, including those without symptoms, who recently had sex with a partner with a well-documented STI infection.