Transgender Care and HRT

We welcome the opportunity to provide primary care to adult transgender clients and to meet their medical needs, wherever they are in transitioning from their birth to their true gender:

  • For those who are considering beginning hormone replacement therapy (HRT), we can offer a consultation to provide information about the medications and the many implications of their use.
  • For trans men or trans women who want to begin HRT, we follow WPATH and evidence-based guidelines for the prescribing of hormone therapy. This includes the expectation that patients planning to start HRT have received input and a letter of support from a therapist who is experienced in transgender care. We highly recommend the Behavioral Health staff at Metro Tampa Bay as a resource for this evaluation. At our initial visit, a medical history is obtained, HRT medications are discussed, baseline hormone levels are drawn by our staff and clients instructed on self-administration of the hormones. Response to HRT is followed via routine visits and hormone levels.
  • For those already experienced in HRT use or have completed their transition, we are glad to continue treatment and to provide primary care.
  • We are available to our patients who need to complete pre-operative clearance in preparation for confirmational surgery.
  • We are happy to provide our clients letters needed to complete gender-marker changes on legal documents, such as driver licenses, birth certificates and passports.

Our hope is to be respectful of the needs of our transgender clients, no matter in what stage of transitioning they may be. This includes documentation and use of a patient’s preferred name and pronouns.